Redecoration of lounge,study & dining room


Original walls were cream, we redecorated ceilings and walls in brilliant white.

Dining room had feature wallpaper applied.

Oak doors,frames & skirtings were new.

We applied 2 coats of OSMO wax oil to these to give the same finish as the pre-finished oak floors.

The cabinet was sanded to bare wood and also received the OSMO wax oil treatment.

The beams where necessary were restained using sadolin ebony wood treatment.


Cabinet was gradually fine sanded after starting with 80 grit course paper.

Progress and finish


Walls were 5m in height,beams have also been treated.


Oak doors to study and dining room wax oiled. Existing staircase was lightly sanded and wax oiled.


Cabinet and skirtings are wax oiled,feature wall is papered.